Amerigel Care Lotion (A diabetics skin relief)

Rough, dry and scaly skin affects at least 75% of people with diabetes over the age of 64.  Diabetes can affect every part of the body including the skin.  In fact, such problems are sometimes the first sign a person has diabetes.  Fortunately, most skin conditions can be prevented or easily treated if caught early.

Rehydrate dry skin with daily use of Amerigel Care Lotion.  It has a natural, fast absorbing moisturizer.  Advanced micro-particle technology targets conditions beneath the skin’s surface.  Amerigel Care Lotion is safe to use between the toes without causing maceration.  Its fragrance, dye and paraben-free.

Amerigel Care Lotion is recommended for diabetic dry skin.  It rehydrates skin to prevent breakdown, the leading casue of diabetic foot ulcers.  Amerigel Care Lotion is recommended for corns, calluses and dry, cracked heels.  You need not be a patient of Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care to purchase this product.  It is highly recommended, however, that chronic foot conditions be evaluated by one of our podiatrists.

Wendy Taggart, PMAC & Insurance Verification