Biofreeze Professional

Whether you’re suffering from arthritis pain or have sore muscles and joints from over-doing it, Biofreeze Professional topical gel, combined with care from a hands on healthcare professional, can  provide safer pain relief from sore muscles and joints in the feet and ankles.  The gel has a vanishing scent and is paraben-free.  Professional Quarterback Drew Brees says “Biofreeze Professional is my go-to solution for pain relief along with care from a hands-on professional.”

Biofreeze Professional works better than the standard version sold in retail stores.  Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care sells a 4 oz. gel tube vs. a 3oz. gel tube sold in retail stores and its effectiveness lasts up to 36% longer.  The Gel is easier to apply due to the optimized smoother formula.  You do not need to be a patient to purchase this product from Pueblo Ankle and Foot Care, however, on-going pain could require a professional medical opinion.

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Wendy Taggart, PMAC & Insurance Verification