Could you be suffering from adult flatfoot?

Adult flatfoot or posterior tibial tendon insufficiently is an event where the posterior tibial tendon loses strength and function. This is a progressive deformity caused by gradual stretching of the tendon as well as the ligaments in the foot’s arch. Pain occurs due to torn soft tissues. Because the posterior tibial tendon in the main tendon holding up the arch, early detention of a deformity is essential. Age, blood flow, weight and usage all contribute to the tendons degeneration. Swelling and pain on the inside of the ankle may be a sign of the degeneration of the posterior tibial tendon. Once the tendon and ligaments stretch and tear the bones of the arch move out of position with the bodies weight pressing downward. The foot rotates inward at the ankle (pronation) and the heel bone tilts to the inside. If this deformity progresses the foot can dislocate outward from under the ankle joint.

Diagnosis by a skilled podiatrist is relatively simple and may include x-rays. Treatment may include a period of non-weightbearing, immobilization therapy such as a cast, boot or brace, anti-inflammatory therapy, foot orthotics and proper shoe gear. In severe cases surgery is recommended.

Only a skilled podiatrist can elevate and suggest the proper treatment for a specific stage of flatfoot dysfunction. Call and make an appointment today.


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